Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 24: BAD Blogger!

6 days, three pat downs and several internet outages later...

I'm Back!

Beard 2: Coming back in, nothing to write home about.
Free Meals: 11 (a very special thanks to Kim Mason who bought me lunch AND drove me to the DMV)
New-to-me Movies: 6 (i figured this number would have been higher by now)
Jobs applied to: 10
Interviews: 1

My apologies dear friends. Unemployment has been surprisingly busy. I didn't even manage a post-shave picture. But don't worry, I have to shave again on Monday for interview number 2. We can do the whole side by side comparison then.

One thing I learned on my vacation: My driver's license expired back in February. How did I learn this? The nice man at Delta told me when I tried to check a bag for my flight back to New York. I was then red flagged frisked three times and "randomly" selected for additional security screening. I was well aware why I was flagged, there's really no need to call it random.

The good news is, when I replaced the license on Monday, I finally got rid of my "harry potter" picture and look like a grownup on my license.

I promise to return to my regular silly posts tomorrow. In the meantime here's where beard 1 peaked:

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