Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 85: Unfinished Business

I've returned dear readers, if I still have readers, if I ever had readers.

Bad blogger! 2 whole months without a post. Well I have returned with new resolve. First on the agenda is unfinished business. Here is Bill Pullman to explain:

Okay, I couldn't find the clip I was looking for, but you know the one I mean. With Bill Pullman explaining how ghosts need to resolve their unfinished business to crossover to the other side.

Don't worry; I'm not dead. But I do feel Karmically its best if I resolve a few things, and maybe, just maybe it will lead me to my job. First on my list is this blog. Sure a blogger's work is never done. How can I say that the blog is finished? But I do re-resolve to get a job, effectively ending this blog (and I will actually blog the whole way there).

Second on my list: unfinished books. I can spot over a dozen from where I am sitting, books I started and never finished. This will be a challenge and regular feature on the Blog.

I have a few other things in mind, but more on those in the future, I don't want to spoil the surprise.


  1. we are glad to have you back! i'm suspect of you finishing those books though - if they weren't interesting enough the first time, you really think they'll be better this time? why not just reread harry potter before the movie comes out??

  2. For me Harry has become very much finished business. I was entirely satisfied when I read that last book, and I haven't read a Potter book or seen a Potter movie since.

  3. I even got rid of my Harry Potter glasses.