Monday, April 6, 2009

Day One: The Waiting Week Begins

Beard: Patchy and Stubbly at best
Jobs Applied to: 3, that were actual jobs
New-to-me Movies Watched: 1

Today I filed my unemployment claim.  And today I begin a blog that no one will read.

I know, I know, Blogs are so 2006.  I should be tweeting or twittering or whatever the kids are doing these days. But, 140 characters just doesn't lend itself to long sarcastic rants, movie reviews and eventually pictures of my slow sad attempts to grow a beard.

What can you expect to see on this blog?  I doubt anyone cares about the daily ups and downs of my job search.  Here I will share the world I see as I experience weekday, daylight hours for the first time in two years.

Today I filed my claim.  The department of labor refers to this week as "the waiting week", while my application is reviewed and my eligibility determined.  I'll be waiting this week too.  Waiting to see how unemployed life plays out, waiting to see if this initial euphoria wears off.

And waiting to see if I get an interview.

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