Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day Two: A Day at the Movies

Beard: From across the room you start to notice it. Patches becoming more obvious.
New-to-me Movies: 3

Okay, I'm technically posting this on Day 3. Bad blogger. It's not like you are actually reading this anyway.

You gotta love the Regal Battery Park Theater. You can pay for one movie ticket and stay there for days on end. I whimped out after two. But fun's gotta end sometime.

"I Love You, Man" and "Adventureland". Neither was disappointing, both were entirely forgettable.

"Adventureland" should have been either a funnier comedy or a more poignant drama. Instead it was at times funny and overall kinda shallow. Kristen Wiig and Paul Hader stole the show for me. As the proprietors of the sleazy season theme park they are both funny and believable. Jesse Eisenberg once again plays and awkward kid in the 80s, only his character hasn't learned any of the "don't be a stuck up academic" lessons of The Squid and the Whale. I just want to smack him every time he starts talking about Charles Dickens. And I discovered I hate Ryan Reynolds.

"I Love You, Man" was not bad. It just lacked the pop and sizzle the better "bromances". I had high expectations for Segel and Rudd together after 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall". But they never seemed to elevate their relationship beyond grunting and awkward nicknames.

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