Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day Four: Zoo Day

Beard: You tell me. Picture below
New-to-me movies: 4
Jobs applied to: 4 (thanks Erin!)

The last time I went to a Zoo was when I was unemployed right out of NYU. Today I visited the Brooklyn Zoo. Not nearly as large as the Bronx Zoo, but a lovely time.

Also, saw Gigantic. The story of a single twenty something high-end Swedish mattress salesman (the mattresses are Swedish, not him) who's life long dream it is to adopt a Chinese baby. It was filled to the brim with indie cool quirkiness. This failed to cover up the lack of anything resembling plot or conflict. Oh, and there's a possibly imaginary homeless guy that wants to kill him. Sure I chuckled a few times. At least I didn't skip work to see it.

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