Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 17: The Unexpected Innings

Today I received my first unemployment benefits.  It's kinda funny actually, its really just my parents' money, given to the federal government, given to the state of New York and then given to me.  Maybe we could cut out the middlemen by making giving money to your grown children tax deductible?

Anyway, I pledge to do my duty to stimulate the US Economy by drinking only bourbon and domestic beer.  

Not on the job seeking, resume pumping agenda for today was a baseball game!  But when your ex-employer offers you REALLY expensive seats to a Yankee game, you go.  And boy did I get my money's worth.  FOURTEEN INNINGS!  And in case you were wondering, there IS a fourteenth inning stretch.  Fun Fact: a quick google search tells me that the longest major league baseball game was 25 innings.  So one must assume there is also a 21st inning stretch.  Don't say you never learned anything from this blog.

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